City Park and Garland Pavilion

The Onalaska City Park

On October 15, 2010, through the generous donation of nine and one-third (9 1/3) acres of prime land by Pete and Cathy Garland, the City of Onalaska established the Onalaska City Park.  Summer of 2015 saw the Garlands fund the construction of a six thousand four hundred (6,400) square foot pavilion which included the addition of high intensity LED lighting for the interior and exterior of the park pavilion.  December of 2018 the Garlands donated and had installed in the park pavilion, four (4) high-end professional basketball goals.  To honor the gifts of Pete and Cathy Garland, the City of Onalaska has named the park pavilion, The Garland Pavilion. 

A one and one-half (1 ½) mile running/walking track meanders through the park providing participants with spectacular views of park trees and a small stream. 

For those passionate about history, the park embraces a collection of antique farming machinery, all of which had been vigorously employed on a local farm.  History buffs can also walk through a retired vintage railroad caboose. 

Summer of 2016, Mr. Greg Yost funded the fencing for a one-half (1/2) acre dog park within the boundary of the City Park.  The dog park was named The Mary Ellen Yost Memorial Dog Park in memory of the wife of Greg Yost. 

For the children of Onalaska, the city provides a fenced area containing safe but yet fun playground equipment. 

A schedule of Park Rules and Regulations may be examined by accessing this link.

The Garland Pavilion

Located at the Onalaska City Park, The Garland Pavilion, is an impressive covered open-air structure containing six thousand four hundred (6,400) square feet of accessible expanse.  The pavilion is functional and serviceable for City of Onalaska business and social purposes as well as community and public gatherings and affairs. 

The pavilion may be reserved by area residents by completing and submitting an application form that can be picked up at City Hall.

In addition to City of Onalaska sponsored functions such as Onalaska Market Days, Veterans Tribute Day, National Night Out, and Christmas In Our Town the pavilion has successfully promoted neighborhood conclaves such as the following:

  • Birthday parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Garage Sales
  • Car Shows
  • Wrestling Matches
  • Weddings
  • Memorial Services
  • Annual Fish Fry for retirees from the Sheriff’s Department
  • Rally sponsored by Bakers Against Child Abuse
  • Onalaska Library Youth Reading Programs
  • Baseball Clinic for the Onalaska Youth Sports Association

Any organization or group making use of the pavilion must sign and submit an acknowledgment of the Pavilion Rules and Regulations.