Reading Buddies

Homework Help for 2nd and 3rd grade students.
Homework with a volunteer

Register HERE! for help with 2nd & 3rd-grade homework.  

Please remember, parents must make arrangements with the school for transportation to the church by bus before the first session.  

Here are some important things to remember:
1.  Sessions run each Tuesday and Thursday after school until 5:00 pm.
2.  Children will remain in the church at all times. Volunteers are not responsible for student’s leaving the premises. Parents are encouraged to meet their children at the church and join the fun.
3.  This opportunity is open to Second and Third-grade students only.  Reading and Spelling skills will be covered through the assigned homework.  
4.  Parents/Guardians need a library card to register students with the library. Everyone must be registered before attending a session.
      We will have emergency contact information available for volunteers if a situation arises.
5.  A light snack (something not messy) may be provided as available. If your child has any allergies, please let the library staff know. If this is the case, we will not provide an alternative.
6.  Students should sign-in each time they visit. The library will maintain records. Children do not have to attend each session but may choose the days that are convenient for their family situation. They may come as often as needed.
7. Each student is responsible for checking in when they arrive and homework will be completed FIRST. Each student is responsible for completing their own homework. If there is no homework, students may read silently for at least 30 minutes. After homework is complete, all students will sit quietly and listen as a story is read aloud by an adult. Other activities related to Reading will be available for the group as volunteers see fit.
8. Students who misbehave will not be allowed to return. After-school privileges will be suspended. In these cases, parents will be called and should come to pick up their children immediately. This is at the discretion of the Lead Volunteer for that day.
9. All students must be picked up before the end of each session. Every attempt will be made to contact the    Students left after the program will be taken to the Onalaska Police Department. Parents can speak with the officer on duty.
10. Return often and “Keep Reading!” 

What if my student does not have any homework?
- Magazines are always good or other reading materials are available.

What snacks will we be giving out?
- Pretzels, Animal Crackers, Ritz, Goldfish, or other non-messy types. 
    Water will also be available from a fountain located inside the Fellowship Hall. 

If a parent is “Running Late,” can they call to arrange a late pick-up for their child?
- No, parents may send an Alternate person that was listed at the time of Registration.

What if a child goes home on the bus by mistake?
- Late arrivals with parents are fine if they are here by 4:30 pm.

Can a Non-parent pick up a child?
- Yes, BUT only if they are specifically listed on the registration form with their identification.

What if a child leaves an item behind?
- Lost items can be retrieved on the next regular Reading Buddies day. Call 936-646-2665 (Onalaska Library) if you need further assistance.

Must a child attend all or a specific number of sessions?
- No, this program is to encourage and improve young reader skills. Mandatory attendance is not necessary.