Building Permits

There are two basic phases to the building permit process — plan review and construction inspection.

During plan review the building inspector reviews the permit application and building plans for compliance with the building codes. Plan review must be completed prior to the issuance of a building permit.

Construction inspection takes place after a building permit has been issued. A Building Inspector approves each part of the project as it progresses, checking to see that the work is done safely and in accordance with the approved plans and codes.

If you are located in a deed restricted subdivision, you will also have to have the subdivision architectural committee's approval before you can be issued a City of Onalaska building permit.

The inspections during various phases of construction help assure that there won't be any shortcuts in the construction that might affect the owner's investment or safety.

You may download and print our Building Permit Application. Just fill out the top part, and bring it to the Inspector's Office at the Onalaska City Hall, along with your construction plans and subdivision approval if needed.

 After completing the form, e-mail us your building plans and subdivision approval document (if required). 

Please call the Building Inspector at (936) 646-5000 with any questions.